About Us


Love Woburn Sands is a developing community project set up together by Churches Together. It is a really positive and fast moving initiative, primarily

funded by the Diocese of St. Albans.


Our support comes from all corners of the community: Churches, Schools, Town Council, Local Business and the people of Woburn Sands and area.

The project was started by Miriam O'Neill (June 2013 to March 2014) who initiated the Community IT Courses at Fulbrook School, carried out a skills 

audit, local survey and produced a community directory.  We support initiatives such as Reading Army, Social Subscriber, Remembrance Projects,

Nordic Walking, Medicine Express, World Book Day, Community Cinema, Yarn Club, Community Market, Coffee mornings, walk and talk, walk for health


Our Objective is to promote good community by giving people the opportunity to take an active part and also have the chance to volunteer.

In 2017, Love Woburn Sands became a charity and through its Community Smiles iniative won £50,000 from the National Lottery via the ITV Peoples

Project Campaign with the votes of local people.


This enabled the community work to continue to 2018, widen the area to all of the surrounding villages through the Fulbrook Pyramid of schools

, start a Community Transport Service and supply our local schools with 200 Amazon Fire Computer Tablets.

The charity is now at the end of the lottery funding and is formulating plans to allow the project to continue.